Laptop Repair and Diagnostic Courses

Take a hands on approach to learn how to dismantle, diagnose, repair and reassemble a laptop in a fully equipped classroom. During your course you will be supplied with a laptop to work on.

What Courses to take

We would suggest taking the Laptop (Dismantle and Reassemble) D&R Course first as this will give you a solid understanding of the techniques and procedures required when dismantling and reassembling laptops.
If you are still looking to learn more you can take the Basic or Advanced Diagnostic Course. This will give you an understanding of how the laptops communicate internally and how to use that information to help quickly diagnose the problem.
We will also deliberately disable the laptops to give you a chance to diagnose the issue and to help add to your knowledge.

Why go on a Laptop Repair Course ?

Most people that are interested in taking desktop computers apart are afraid of taking apart a laptop due to the complexity. Our courses are designed to remove the fear and give you confidence to be able to carry out repairs on most major brands of laptop.
The techniques you will learn will become second nature over time and will boost your confidence when repairing laptops.

Laptop D&R Course

Learn how to dismantle and reassemble a laptop.
This technique will enable you to work on a number of different makes of laptop and be confident in replacing screens, motherboards, hard drives, memory etc.

Course time will be 4 hours

£ 160.00
  • Instruction on ESD and what it means
  • Laptop components and their names
  • Disassembly of a laptop and the procedure
  • Reassembly of a laptop and the procedure

Basic Diagnostics Course

Learn how to diagnose whether its a hardware or software issue and if it's a hardware issue, what components that you will need to replace to get the laptop working again.

Course time will be 1 Day

£ 280.00
  • Introduction to Laptop Diagnostics
  • How to diagnose if it's a hardware or software issue
  • Understanding how a laptop works and how to diagnose it
  • Diagnosing a fault with a laptop that we have deliberately disabled

Advanced Diagnostics Course

This course includes some of the basic diagnostic techniques along with more advanced techniques.
You will learn how to find and resolve issues that are not what they seem and can be caused by a seemingly totally unrelated component failure.

Course time 2 days

£ 460.00
  • Basic Diagnostic techniques
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques
  • Diagnosing a dead laptop
  • Diagnosing a fault with a laptop that we have deliberately disabled
  • Fault finding a component failure that seems to be unrelated to the issue
  • Understanding how laptop components communicate with each other and how that can help you to diagnose the fault

Our laptop courses will be held in Ashford Kent by a qualified Dell engineer

The training rooms can hold up to 16 students , but there will be no more than 8 students on the course at a time to allow for room to work safely.

During the courses

Dell latitude E5420 

This is the laptop that you will be working on during the Repair and Diagnostic courses.

Electrostatic Discharge

Before you begin working, we will go through a quick explanation of electrostatic discharge and what it means.

Names of the parts

During the course you will learn the name of the parts so that you will know what to order when you are doing a repair for yourself.

Object of the courses

The object of the courses is to teach you how to disassemble and reassemble a laptop and how to diagnose the fault and repair it.

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